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"Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy Your Life"

I discovered the love of bodywork thanks to my mother at the age of twenty. Since 1995,

by opening her massage clinic, bodywork has been an important part of my life.

My mother taught me for years to touch people not only through their bodies, but also

in their souls.

And that is exactly the philosophy of Ka Huna bodywork, namely to support the client to

reconcile body-mind and soul.

Since 2013, I have my own massage clinic and am fortunate to pass on all the knowledge of my mother and other teachers.

I was able to enjoy my training and further education at various schools in Switzerland, Hungary and in Australia. Each school has its own personal style of bodywork. However, they all meet again in the Ka Huna philosophy: inner balance and purification to be happy and healthy. However, I owe my most intensive education and training to "Mette's Institute at High Spirits Retreat in Australia". The institute is accredited by several associations for massage therapy throughout Australia. All practitioners have extensive experience in the process of giving and receiving Ka Huna bodywork, customer service and Huna philosophy. It is our highest duty to create a safe, supportive environment to facilitate the self-healing experience of the client.

I thank Mette, Janine, Noëlle, my mother, and all the other teachers for your love and patience to guide me, where I stand today in life.


Aloha, your Agnes

Lomi Lomi Agnes
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